Baby Monitors: Mom's Best Friend

Sunday 20 December 2020
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Baby Monitors: Mom's Best Friend
Baby Monitors: Mom's Best Friend 

Pregnant mothers take care of themselves during gestation knowing that anything they encounter will affect the little baby that grows within them. She would take every precaution to avoid anything harmful to the baby. Part of that would be choosing the right nutrition and activity to keep the baby safe. The mother already loves the unborn child. 

After nine long months of waiting, finally a baby was born into this world. Seeing how bulky the baby is, the protective nature of the parent is invoked. Any parent would swear to do everything for the baby and not let anything harm the newborn. She would like to keep an eye on her child 24/7. However, there are a variety of roles that a parent must play. She should share her time to care for the baby and to fulfill her responsibilities to other family members, especially to themselves. 

A mother has one, two, lots of things to do around the house while ensuring that her well-being and the satisfaction of her husband is maintained. Watching the baby around the clock is simply not possible. Nowadays, the wonder of technology has contributed a lot to the comfort of mankind. And mothers are really fortunate to have baby monitors available to them that would ease their burden. 

What are baby monitors 

Baby monitors are technological devices that serve as a pseudo-mother who watches over the bedside It is a radio transmitter which emits the FM signal (modulated frequency) most often between the ranges of 48 830 to 48 890 MHz. These devices have two components, the transmitter and the receiver. Transmitters are placed 8 to 10 feet into the baby or closer if possible. 

Sounds from the baby are picked up and a signal is then transmitted to the receiver. On the other hand, receivers are carried in the house or in a place accessible to the mother or to any person designated to monitor the baby. Usually the transmitter is plugged into an outlet from its stationary position while the receiver is running on battery power as it can be taken anywhere. 

What Baby Monitors Do 

Baby monitors generally help mothers monitor the baby without being stuck in the baby's room all day. Thanks to this, mothers can do what needs to be done in the house, thus accomplishing a lot. Since the release of baby monitors, countless innovations have been made. 

A variety of products not only allow hearing signals to be heard, but even allow the mother, from the receiver, to view her baby and play music to soothe the baby even from a distance. To this day, they are no longer just an electrical device to keep an eye on when the baby cries but offer many benefits to ensure the well-being of the baby. 

Some high-end devices have sensors placed under the baby's mattress that detect even the most subtle movements, including baby's breathing. When no movement is detected for a period of 20 seconds or if the breathing is less than the medically accepted rate, an alarm is triggered, alerting Mom. 

This is really helpful in perceiving life-threatening conditions. Whichever type mothers choose to have will go a long way in making mum's life easier. Baby monitors are definitely mom's best friend.

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