Adjusting your Diabetic Diet for Special Occasions

Friday 26 March 2021
Last Updated 2022-04-16T21:24:50Z

 Adjusting your Diabetic Diet for Special Occasions

Adjusting your Diabetic Diet for Special Occasions

Birthday parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and extra are holidays and special 

events which might be focused on meals.  For the general public these are times to count on the 

birthday party and the consuming.  For a diabetic it is able to be a annoying time, you want to partake in 

all the desirable food too but maximum times it is not made with a diabetic in mind.  If the 

frequency of those events isn't always too often, you can regulate your weight loss program for special activities 

so you too can have a number of the treats available.

The hardest part about making ready for a special occasion is if you do now not recognize what's 

going to be served.  If this is the case, a brief call for your host or hostess may be made.  

Most people will no longer mind you asking specifically when you have nutritional desires that need to be 

taken into consideration.  Once you do realize what is being served, plan your meals for 

that day hence.  You can also want to have fewer carbohydrates together with your breakfast 

and snack to make up for the greater ones you will have at a birthday celebration in which pizza is 

being served.

Another alternative for special activities is to provide to deliver a dish for everyone to proportion.  

Make it some thing which you revel in as a treat but nevertheless follows the tips for your 

diabetic weight-reduction plan.

For family favorites and traditions, be creative and search for methods to make the same dishes 

with less fat or sugar.  You can try this by means of substituting ordinary sugar for sugar substitutes 

or select entire wheat flour instead of white for the extra fiber content.

During the vacations and different events, carefully reveal your blood sugars.  Even with 

more care, the trade to your food plan can still result in a blood sugar this is too excessive or low.

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