DiveHeart Adaptive Scuba Diving Trips Change the Life of Filmmakers

Monday 18 April 2022
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Diving can be an exotic and rich activity for anyone, but for individuals with a series of physical or cognitive impairment, it training, training, relaxing, enjoying, enjoying, enjoying and enjoying.


I have  confidence like this. Children and adults with problems such as traumatic brain injury, cutting, spinal cord injury, cerebral paralysis, blindness, etc. can enjoy the physical and psychological advantages of diving diving.


Young people, veterans, and other disabilities Subjected to adaptable diving and diving therapy since 2001, David Marsh in Los Angeles Promotional Garden is Diving Trip on a diving trip to  Mexico, Mexico, and documentary about organizations and missions created.


For the swamp, he had been living with his  tragic personal loss of toddler's son for a  week earlier. The last day of the journey, wetland shares loss with the DiveSheart team.


"David marsh is wonderful and wonderful. His loss and mourning soldiers were screamed, but the founder of Divehart and President Jim Elliott says" 

He is the essence of our mission Overcomed and sharing Reallife experience. The first day  is trust, the second day  is free and the third day. The spectator is a spectators, wetlands have their loss, fight, fear, shared adaptive type shared You will see how to translate the emotions of the diver.


"We are David. Thank you for being transported so much" and emphasize Elliott. 

My hope for this documentary is to raise awareness of Dive Heart's mission. Utilizing underwater zero gravity  to help everyone from movement disorders to chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorders.


It's about revolutionizing rehabilitation. We help  participants find their confidence, personal strength, and independence, and we'll continue to do so for years to come. 

Documentary "Adapting To Dive" will premiere at 6:30 pm. Wednesday, May 18, 2022,  Classic Cinema Tivoli Theater, 5021 Highland Avenue. 

Located in Downers Grove, Illinois. For more information on Diveheart, please visit diveheart.org

Click here to see the documentary trailer. General admission and barrier-free seat tickets are $ 12. Click here for more information on documentaries and tickets.

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